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I think I’m gonna make vegetable soup for dinner tonight, just need to work on my portions. Usually I make enough to feed an army and have so much left over. 

robertslinds-deactivated2013011: Hey, just read your post about getting back into shape. Dark chocolate is actually good for you if you have a piece a day. Please remember that you *cannot* out train a bad diet. You might exercise and be fit, but you won't look fit if your nutrition isn't in place. I'd love to help any time if you need it!

I meant I’l allow myself that extra portion, or treat myself to a slice of pizza every once in awhile, and just work that little bit harder in the gym. 

Sadly I don’t actually like dark chocolate so I don’t get to indulge without feeling a little guilty.

thank you so much for your help though, it’s appreciated! 

Finding it tough trying to remember my food groups and where I should be getting my calories from. Protein and fiber is what I’m concentrating on at the moment.

If only I’d gone shopping before I got this sudden burst of motivation. Lets just say my eating today wont be the best it could be, but it’s a start.

I’m finding it kind of hard to get enough calories too. So far, all plans going well I’ll have eaten 1,214 calories. which is just over the amount I need to get in order for my body to function properly. So with exercise I’ll be quite a bit under. Being a picky eater and trying to be healthy is tough, but I know if I’m truly hungry I’ll eat what I have to.

So my mum always tells me to eat more and that I shouldn’t be obsessing over my weight/being healthy.

She told me I looked fat and had put on quite a bit of weight last night…

Guess who’s getting back in the fitness-game?

What’s difference this time? What makes this THE time that it WILL work?

No restrictions. I’ll give in to my cravings, I’ll eat as much as I feel I need to. If I’m craving chocolate I’ll go right ahead and have some, I’ll just burn it off with exercise.

I’m ready to lose as much as I possibly can before university! :)

I like how when I stop working out I go straight into dancing around my room or a bit. Who’s complaining though? Good tunes and extra calories burned.